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Can I do a normal life right after a chiropractic session?

Making the decision to see a chiropractor is a great step towards better movement and health. Taking this step starts you on the path to restoring balance, alignment and eliminating chronic pain. But achieving your health goals does not solely fall on the shoulders of your chiropractor. You must be an active partner in bettering your health, and practice proper self-care between each chiropractic session.

After your adjustment you may feel amazing, as range of motion is improved, circulation begins to be restored to affected areas, and your muscles begin to relax. You might also experience some tenderness, as your body begins to move into the correct positions. Either is normal, but it is what you do next that can really play into how effective your adjustment is. Read on for tips on what to do after your chiropractic adjustment.


Stay hydrated after a chiropractic session


When you receive a chiropractic adjustment, your muscles and bones are moved and stimulated. This results in the body releasing toxins. To flush these toxins from the body, you want to drink plenty of water following your adjustment. Drinking more water is important after an adjustment, but it is also a great habit to get into as part of your daily routine. Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, and more.


Keep moving after a chiropractic session 


After your chiropractic adjustment, you don’t want your body to immediately revert to the same position it was in. Avoid sitting for long periods of time after seeing the chiropractor, if possible, and enjoy the mobility that your adjustment has created by going for a long walk. Anything you can do to keep your body moving will help the adjustment to hold and prevent your body from immediately reverting back into a bad position. Keeping active after visiting your London Chiropractor is part of the healing process.



Do your exercises after a chiropractic session 


If you have a specific injury you are recovering from that you have sought chiropractic for, your chiropractor can help you with exercises that will assist in strengthening and healing the affected area. The important thing here is to actually DO them, not just return home with a piece of paper outlining them. These exercises may be slightly uncomfortable, or might not feel like they are doing anything, but to truly partner with your chiropractor you have to take their advice both in and out of the office. The movements you do through exercise can help to strengthen muscles that may be unbalanced, speed healing, and reduce pain.


Rest well 


Every day, not just after a chiropractic adjustment, you should aim to get enough sleep. During sleep our bodies are able to repair and heal, and if you are not getting enough rest you are impeding your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Especially following a chiropractic session, getting a good amount of sleep can be incredibly important and can help your body realign.

Follow the plan


Your chiropractor will come up with a treatment plan that matches your body’s specific needs. To get the full benefits of chiropractic, you need to follow this plan and take it seriously. Even if you feel better after one adjustment, keeping up with your appointments will help you to prevent re-injury and keep your body in the correct alignment. Most of us go years with incorrect posture and even pain before we seek chiropractic care, and just one visit is not usually enough to counteract years of improper alignment. Your chiropractor wants to ensure that your mobility and alignment stay correct into the future.


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