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Did you know? A chiropractor can help with your wrist pain

We use our hands and wrists for everything we do. Therefore, wrist pain has a big effect on your ability to do even the simplest of daily tasks. If wrist pain goes untreated, it can cause long term injury because your wrist cannot heal on its own. As strong as our hands and wrists may seem at times, they are also incredibly delicate.

Some causes of wrist pain may include overuse, injury, or chronic diseases like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Symptoms of wrist pain include burning, numbness, stiffness, tingling, and soreness.

When sharp pain and stress worsen, ice and pain relievers are no longer an option, it is time to see a chiropractor


How does a chiropractor heal wrist pain?


The stress of any injury increases with the loss of function, which can take a toll on you emotionally as well. It becomes harder to make a meal, complete tasks at work and home, and spend time with your loved ones. You need to get back to your life and chiropractic care offers a great way to heal now and stay healthy in the future.

The most common chiropractic treatments for wrist pain are adjustment of the joints and physical therapy. As with all chiropractic treatment, the focus is on your individual needs and goals.

For your first consultation, the chiropractor will talk to you about your symptoms and follow up with a physical exam. This will allow the chiropractor to identify the problem, then develop an idea of the treatment needed and create a strategy for your care.

During your treatment, the doctor will carefully examine your wrist and hand to locate the damaged tissue and tension in the ligaments. Your wrist condition is unique therefore your treatment will be as well.

Wrist realignment


By manipulating the bones of the wrist to put them back into the correct place, the physician sets the healing process into motion. If a bone is out of place in your wrist, inflammation can build up and create a lot of pressure that can quickly spread to your hands or arms. This swelling heavily restricts the movement of your upper body. As tension releases in your wrist from the joint realignment, you can start feeling pain free again.


Wrist stretching & strengthening


Besides manipulating the bones, chiropractors may also use stretching techniques to help release tension in your wrist. This aims to ease pain and reduce the tightness in inflamed ligaments. Stretching can also make you stronger by restoring muscle flow.

Many wrist conditions can result in tissue scarring, making movement extremely difficult. Muscles are elastic and when the tissue is scarred, they become stiff. The gliding that is supposed to happen between your muscles reduces significantly. However, stretching techniques assist the healing of soft tissue by restoring muscle elasticity and increasing blood circulation.

Chiropractic care heals damaged soft tissue, so inflammation decreases and you can begin to feel better again. With better circulation in your hand and wrist, swelling in your ligaments is eliminated. As a result, your range of motion doesn’t just get back to normal, it increases.


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