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How does a visit look like with our chiropractor in Covent Garden? Part 2

In the first part of this blog post we discussed what you can expect from your visit to our chiropractor in Covent Garden. Today we will continue to cover each of these elements in more detail. So keep on reading to find out more!


Further investigation performed by our chiropractor in Covent Garden


Based on the results of the patient’s history and chiropractic exam, diagnostic studies may be helpful in revealing underlying pathologies and identifying structural abnormalities to more accurately diagnose a condition. X-ray is the most common diagnostic study during an initial chiropractic exam, but it is not always necessary.


An x-ray is only undertaken if the chiropractor believes that it will provide information to guide the patient’s treatment program. This due to the associate risk or ionizing radiation exposure. X-ray is limited to cases when they are medically necessary.


While an x-ray can help view the bones, it is not useful for studying the soft tissues. If your chiropractor suspects soft tissue damage e.g. disc problem, torn muscle or nerve compression. Your chiropractor will recommend an MRI scan.


Patient diagnosis


Findings from the patient’s history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests usually help the chiropractor to arrive at a specific diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is established, the chiropractor can determine if the condition will respond to chiropractic care. Certain conditions, such as fractures, tumours, or infections can not be treated with chiropractic methods. They require a specialist physician’s treatment, rather than a chiropractor in Covent Garden or anywhere else.


Chiropractic treatment plan


Our chiropractor in Covent Garden will develop a treatment plan based on the diagnosis, also taking into account:


  • The extent of your injury or irritation
  • Your general health
  • The condition of your spine as affected by age and previous injury
  • What your goals are


Your goals of treatment should result from the discussion you have with your chiropractor. Many people seek simple relief of pain or discomfort, while others want to begin a regimen of ongoing care meant to improve their general health.


  • Short-term goals typically include reducing pain and restoring normal joint function and muscle balance.
  • Long-term goals include restoring functional independence and tolerance to normal activities of daily living.


In the initial consultation, your chiropractor will tell you the status of your condition and recommend an approach to care.


What is a typical chiropractic treatment?


Most chiropractors begin the treatment during the patient’s first visit. However, some may wait until the next appointment at the chiropractic clinic.

A chiropractor has numerous treatment methods and recommendations, which may include some or all of the following:


  • Spinal manipulation: To gently realign joints and increase range of motion.
  • Spinal mobilization, which is gentler than spinal manipulation but still puts the joints through the full range of motion.
  • Strengthening and/or stretching exercises to improve muscle balance, strength, and coordination.
  • Patient education to improve posture and motor control, as well as possibly reduce anxiety.


Other treatments, and chiropractic adjustments used by a chiropractor could include massage, ultrasound, nutrition guidance, heat therapy, and/or cold therapy.


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