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Equipment a chiropractic clinic should always have

Undoubtedly, the most important chiropractic tool is the trained practitioners’ own hands. However, many chiropractic clinics in London will have extra equipment or tools to aid or enhance the chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors use a variety of chiropractor tools to support patient care.

In this blog post we will run through the equipment and tools a chiropractic clinic should have. Tools that we of course have at our Chiropractic clinics in central London. Keep reading to find out more.


Chiropractic table/ bench


One of the most important pieces of equipment in a chiropractic clinic is a bench or table. The tables found in a practice depend on a chiropractor’s personal preference or techniques used. Different tables serve different purposes, such as the traction table for decompression or the drop table to add extra gravitational force for the chiropractic adjustment.


Activator Adjustment Tool


The activator adjustment tool is a hand-held spring-loaded device. It permits the doctor to realign vertebrae by sending a low force into the back at high speed. This prevents the muscles from seizing and resisting treatment and minimizes torsion on the joints. It is a great alternative to manual joint adjustments. Especially for those patients who have contra-indications to manual spinal adjustments.


Computers or iPads


Computers are necessary to run an efficient and productive practice. It can streamline your workflow by integrating scheduling, charting, and billing into one simplified program. This can eliminate coding errors and reduce time spent on SOAP notes and insurance paperwork so chiropractors can spend more time with patients.

For convenience and mobility, it’s also beneficial to add iPads to your chiropractic practice. Place them at the front desk for easy check-in and have patient records and documents at hand while walking from room to room.


X-Ray Machine


Not all chiropractic clinics will have an x-ray machine. But they are valuable in treatment and diagnosis for bone problems. X-rays utilize electromagnetic radiation to create a digital image of a patient’s skeleton. X-ray imaging can allow chiropractors to pinpoint more serious problems than typical misalignment. These scans can also be passed on to other physicians if necessary.


Muscle/ massage gun


Many chiropractors incorporate soft tissue/ muscle work within their treatment plan. A muscle/ massage gun is a great tool to aid soft tissue massage therapy. It helps to increase blood flow and reduce compression & nerve irritation. Thereby reducing joint and soft tissue discomfort. For instance, at our London chiropractic, we will often use massage therapy if the patient is suffering from pulled muscles and tendons.


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