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Reasons why you should visit your London chiropractor during the Holidays

In this article, Dr. Anika, our top rated London Chiropractor wants to share a few main reasons why you should visit your London chiropractor during the Holidays.


The holiday season is a very busy time for most people. You might be travelling by train, car or plane to see family. Travelling can cause physical stress on our backs. Sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your body. It can cause your muscles to tighten and your body to feel stiff. Lifting heavy suitcases might aggravate your lower back pain. Your London chiropractor can help relieve your pain and get you ready for the holidays.


Bad weather

Snow or ice on the ground can be hazardous, it can cause you to slip and fall or often cause car accidents if the roads have not been treated. Pain does not always develop immediately, it can appear hours or days later. If you experience one of these unfortunate events, it is important to visit your London chiropractor straight away



It’s great spending time with your family during the holidays but it can be stressful. Mental stress can cause your body to react with headaches, insomnia and tense muscles. Seeing your London chiropractor is a great way to relieve the stress pent up in your body and get your mind and body healthy again


Digestive Problems

We tend to indulge in the holiday season with heavy meals, sugary snacks, and lots of alcohol. This can make our digestive system slow down. Chiropractic helps to maintain proper digestion; correcting misalignments in your spine helps allow the nerves to properly get to your digestive tract and keeps it functioning properly.


Immune System

It’s common to get sick as the weather gets colder but if you have a good immune system it is easier for your body to fight off any illness. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to improve the response of the nervous and immune systems by reducing the physical stress on the neuronal control.


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To help you feel great for the holidays, book an appointment with Dr. Anika today, the best chiropractor in London. For more information call us 07376 243726 or book online. You can locate our Chiropractic clinic in Covent Garden. We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday! Merry Christmas from Glow Health!


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