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Tips for a healthy Holiday, from our London chiropractor

It’s that magical time of year again and everyone is getting ready for a little break with family and friends after a busy year! With this also comes heavy Christmas shopping, commuting to see family members, and sometimes even a little bit of stress, which can all put a strain on our backs! Here are a few tips from our London chiropractor to help keep our backs healthy during the holiday!


Get help decorating


Christmas trees and decorations can be heavy! Use a stepladder and get someone to help you with the decorating rather than getting in awkward stretching positions.

Don’t carry too many shopping bags


Try to do the Christmas shopping in stages rather than all at once; lots of heavy bags can put extra strain on your back. Also try not to walk lopsided! According to our London chiropractor, distributing the shopping load equally at both sides of the body or putting your presents in a rucksack can help reduce pressure on the spine.


Move when travelling


Whether travelling by train, plane or car when visiting family members, our London chiropractor advises to have a break from sitting at least every 2 hours and have a walk around.


Keep active


We tend to sit a lot at during the holiday, but it is important to keep moving to keep our joints and muscles healthy and happy! Get out for regular walks over the festive period.


Visit your London Chiropractor


If you are already experiencing an episode of back pain or want to prevent one from starting, consider booking in an appointment with a professional like your Chiropractor.


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