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What is the best pillow recommended by our Chiropractor in London?

The majority of people suffering from back or neck pain say that it is most likely to prevent them from sleeping well. Enter the pillow industry with too many options, all promising to help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. This can be confusing. Continue reading to find out the best pillow recommended by our chiropractor in London.

Waking up with neck pain could be due to underlying mechanical problems in your neck and the choosing right pillow can help to ease this pressure enough to find relief. Our London Chiropractor says that the wrong pillow can aggravate or even cause a painful mechanical problem in your neck. Thereby disturbing your sleep. The wrong pillow may also be setting you up for long-term neck pain


The pillow is too high or too low


If you are a side sleeper, your pillow needs to be the correct height to support the unique biomechanics of your entire spine. When it is ‘just right’ it prevents the body from falling either forwards or backwards, and allowing it to rest in ‘perfect balance’.

If the pillow is too small or too high and fails to provide adequate and specific support to the head and neck, then the spine will have to compensate somehow by further twisting to try and regain stability. If this extra mechanical tension causes increased pressure upon an already inflamed and compensated area of the spine, then it will be difficult if not impossible to get comfortable.

It stands to reason that if you take a healthy pain-free neck and subject it to eight hours of sleep per night on a pillow that is too small and unsupportive that there could be enough abnormal mechanical stress placed upon the back by the shoulder twisting forwards. Over time, with this sort of unnatural pressure, can lead to neck, back, arm pain or headaches.

A simple clue that your pillow (and of course your mattress) could be wrong is waking up feeling worse anywhere in your body then when you went to sleep. This includes feeling stiff, sore, headachy, locked up or fuzzy headed, but it could be an aggravation of any body structure symptom.

Back sleeper pillow mistakes according to our London Chiropractor


The most common mistake that back sleepers make is using a pillow that is too high which pushes the head forwards and may aggravate underlying problems. The higher the pillow, the higher the mechanical stress that gets placed on your neck.

Your spine needs to be in as neutral a position as possible to relax. This means that if you sleep on your back, your head needs to be nearly flat for the spine to align correctly.


Sleeping on your front is also a mistake


Arguably for as long as time itself doctors and chiropractors have been advising people not to sleep on their fronts. Most front sleepers know this, yet they cannot stop themselves from doing it. However, if you set yourself the intention of breaking the habit then you can absolutely do it.


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