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Tips from our Chiropractor in London: What to eat after a session

Getting the most out of your chiropractic adjustment means knowing what you should do afterwards or even before. Our chiropractor in London, Dr Anika Bhayani (DC) believes that it is very important to prepare patients for their first chiropractic adjustment, to put them at ease. This includes possible side effects and proper self-care following an adjustment. Including what to eat and drink. Keep reading to find out more.

The chiropractic treatment is only one part of the entire chiropractic experience. Instead, the adjustment is part of the larger picture of an entire change in lifestyle. This chiropractic lifestyle includes embracing wellness as a daily routine.

Dr. Anika, who you can find at our chiropractic clinic in central London, believes regular chiropractic adjustments, regular exercise, a sensible diet, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol are integral to the chiropractic lifestyle.


Drink plenty of water


According to our London Chiropractor, water will provide nourishment to vertebral discs. This keeps the spine flexible. Aim to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

It is not unusual for patients to feel mildly sore, stiff, dizzy, or nauseated following a chiropractic adjustment. This is perfectly natural, and is a result of the body readjusting to being properly aligned. Keeping properly hydrated can reduce the severity of these side effects. If patients do experience these side effects, it is important to take slow, small sips of water to rehydrate in order to avoid a sudden shock to the system.

Many patients may think that other drinks, such as tea, coffee or soft drinks, will keep them properly hydrated. In fact, just the opposite is true. These beverages, particularly coffee, may actually dehydrate the body and make patients feel worse following a chiropractic adjustment. Furthermore, these beverages may also contain caffeine, which can actually be addictive and slow the healing process following an adjustment.


Make sure to eat well


Our London Chiropractor encourages people to think about changing their regular diet once they have begun getting regular chiropractic adjustments. This includes a strong emphasis on consuming enough protein, with more fresh fruits and vegetables, and fewer starches such as pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes. Patients should also cut back on processed food, such as fast food, in favour of healthier diet options.

Unfortunately, if patients do not make an active commitment to changing their lifestyle in conjunction with their chiropractic treatments, they will not get the most benefit from the adjustments. Our London chiropractor is always willing to help patients transition to the wellness lifestyle and stay with it.

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