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Chiropractic Care: Phases and Benefits

Chiropractic care is an effective way of reducing musculoskeletal pain. In this blog post, we will cover the 3 main phases of chiropractic treatment.


Chiropractic Treatment Phases


There are three phases of chiropractic treatment. Each phase has a specific goal to be achieved before moving to the next phase:


  1. Acute Stage: The first phase is the acute stage. The aim is to decrease pain and inflammation.
  2. Stabilisation Stage: The second phase is the stabilisation stage. The aim is to allow the condition to stabilise and introduce rehabilitation exercises to prevent the pain from returning.
  3. Maintenance Stage: The third and final phase is the maintenance stage. At this point, you should be pain-free and able to return to normal activities of daily living.


Acute stage of chiropractic care


The main aim of this stage is to reduce inflammation and increase mobility. During the acute stage, the frequency of treatment is higher in order to get the pain and inflammation under control.

Your chiropractor will increase mobility in the spine by performing a spinal adjustment in areas where there is restricted movement. Reduced pain and increased movement are the main benefits of an adjustment . Also, to reduce inflammation and associated muscle spasm, ice packs are used alongside treatment. 

Patients should avoid activities that may aggravate the complaint. However, it is important to keep moving around regularly. Prolonged bed rest can actually prolong back pain and slow down recovery.


Stabilisation Stage of Chiropractic care


The aim is to normalise function and improve strength. We continue with specific chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue techniques. This will increase mobility and optimise spinal function. However, the treatment is less frequent. More importance is on rehabilitation exercises, including core strengthening. This creates better spinal control and stability. This prevents the injury from coming back. Postural and ergonomic advice will also help you reduce the risk of injury.


The Maintenance Stage of Chiropractic Treatment


The aim is to prevent the reoccurrence of your injury. You may attend treatment every 1-3 months to aid in long-term improvement and control of your problem. The time between treatments depends on your injury, lifestyle, age, and general health. You need to continue with exercises to keep your injury at bay. This also helps to keep your back strong to prevent reoccurrence.


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