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Common sports injuries that a chiropractor can treat

Whether is a runner inuring their calf midway through a race. Or a footballer pulling a hamstring as he kicks the ball in the same way he has done many times before. It may not be the running or the kicking that has caused the injury – but an underlying problem that is finally showing itself. Whether it is a previously undetected spine or joint problem, or years of poor posture, the resulting injury could potentially signal the end of a sporting career. And a chiropractor that treats sports injuries could be of much help.

Whether you are an amateur sports enthusiast or a professional, your body is prone to the same kind of injuries. Repeated stresses can lead to a slight loss of proper movement in the spinal joints. Which, in turn can interfere with the healthy working of the muscles and the nerves. You may have ignored the pain and carried on with your sport for too long without treatment, and now find yourself with a chronic injury. Chiropractors often see patients with:


  • Hamstring and calf strains
  • Groin and thigh sprains
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Lower back pain
  • Tennis/Golfers elbow
  • Tendonitis These injuries often recur and may shorten promising sporting careers and turn enthusiastic amateurs into couch potatoes.


How a chiropractor can help with sports injuries


As well as speeding up recovery from injury, your chiropractor can enhance your performance, and help prevent future problems and sports injuries.

Unlike painkilling drugs, chiropractic care gets behind the cause of the injury, rather than just treating the injury itself. For instance, our London chiropractor would carry out a full examination (including x-rays if necessary), and ask you questions about your sporting life, posture, medical history and lifestyle, to discover the cause of your poor performance and make a diagnosis.

Then your treatment will begin, often with gentle, specific adjustments done by hand to free stiff joints and remove spinal joint irritation. This effective drug-free treatment is generally painless, although you may feel some short-term discomfort around the injured area. Treatment will normally be followed by a rehabilitation plan to strengthen the injured area, improve your flexibility and prevent future flare-ups.

Chiropractic treatment aims to restore normal function to your joints and muscles as well as your nervous system and may increase your control, co-ordination and muscle strength.

Like most athletes who have benefited from chiropractic care, you may decide to return for regular check-ups to keep your body working at its best. Regardless of your age, condition or health, chiropractic care may improve your athletic potential.


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