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Most common concerns before booking an appointment with a chiropractor in London (Part 1)

Chiropractic procedures may appear dangerous or intimidating, but the reality is far from the rumours. Chiropractic adjustments to treat low back pain are safe and effective, especially in the hands of a properly trained Chiropractor in London. Most people may overestimate the risks. In this article we will cover the most common concerns about chiropractic treatment and reveal the real facts about the safety of chiropractic.


Is “Bone cracking” bad for me?


This is actually a fair comment. Bone cracking definitely isn’t a good thing. Thankfully, that’s not what’s happening when a chiropractor adjustment is performed by a licenced chiropractor.

The cracking sound associated with some chiropractic adjustments (aka cavitation) is simply a drop in air pressure within a joint. This happens when a stuck joints becomes “unstuck”. So, a chiropractic adjustment isn’t cracking bones or bones rubbing together.

Our chiropractor in London is trained extensively to perform gentle adjustments, customising these manoeuvres for each individual’s unique body type. A professional chiropractor positions their body to allow an adjustment to be made with very little pressure at all.

In reality, most patients quickly start to enjoy their adjustments and many report and immediate sense of relief and relaxation.


Is chiropractic treatment painful?


No.  Chiropractors choose adjustment procedures for each patient, taking into account patient comfort, the condition and state of progress. Occasionally adjustments of a chronic or severe problem may cause transient mild discomfort, but this does not persist.  The relief following a successful adjustment is often remarkable.


Is chiropractic treatment safe?


Chiropractic is remarkably safe when carried out by a suitably qualified practitioner.  In fact, a number of studies have shown that chiropractic treatment is significantly safer then common alternatives such as long-term use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication or surgery.


 Can chiropractic adjustments to the neck cause stroke?


In short, no.

Research indicates that people who suffer a stroke are somewhat more likely to have visited a doctor of chiropractic within the months leading up to their stroke. However, this association is extremely rare. It’s important to realise that this link is a purely statistical one, and there is no evidence at all which suggests any link between the chiropractic visit and the stroke itself.

In reality, studies show that individuals who endure a stroke are more likely to see any type of doctor prior to their stroke, of which a doctor of chiropractic was just one.

In fact, these findings demonstrate that chiropractic adjustments do not cause strokes. Rather, individuals who are in poor health and therefore more likely to suffer from a stroke in the coming months are more likely to seek the care of any type of doctor, not just doctors of chiropractic. They see doctors for complaints related to their cardiovascular problems, such as headaches and neck pain – a common condition that many chiropractors treat.


This part 1 of a 2 part post. Stay tuned for part 2, coming over the next few days!


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