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Concerns before calling a chiropractor in London (Part 1)

To some, chiropractic adjustments may seem intimidating. However,  the truth is that chiropractic adjustments are, actually, safe and effective.  If you are in the hands of a properly trained Chiropractor in London, you have nothing to worry about.

Today we will cover some of the common concerns on chiropractic treatment that some of our patients had before coming to our chiropractic clinic in central London.


Is “Bone cracking” bad for my health?


Bone cracking isn’t a good thing, if you do it to yourself. However, it´s safe and good if the chiropractic adjustment is done by a licenced chiropractor.

Our London chiropractor, Dr. Anika, is trained extensively. She performs gentle adjustments, adapting the treatment depending on each individual’s body type.

This is why, rather patients actually enjoy the chiropractic adjustments performed during the sessions. And feel an immediate sense of relief and relaxation, right after the treatment.


Are chiropractic treatments painful?


Not at all. Dr. Anika choses the right adjustment procedures for each patient, maximizing patient comfort. This is the reason why the feeling of relief following a chiropractic adjustment is pretty remarkable.


Are chiropractic treatments safe?


Chiropractic is extremely safe when it is performed by a qualified practitioner.  A large number of studies show that chiropractic treatment is actually safer than other alternatives like the permanent use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication or even surgery.


 Can chiropractic adjustments to the neck cause stroke?


Not at all! Studies show that individuals who have suffered a stroke are more likely to have seen any type of doctor prior to the stroke. These findings demonstrate that a chiropractic adjustment is not a cause of strokes.

People in poor health are more likely to suffer from a stroke in the coming months, and are more likely to seek the care of any type of doctor, not just doctors of chiropractic. They see doctors for complaints related to their cardiovascular problems, such as headaches and neck pain – these are common conditions that chiropractors can treat.


If you have found this article interesting, stay tuned for part 2, coming over the next few days!


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