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Exercises you can do on vacations to help with your posture correction

Maintaining a good posture is a huge step if you want to prevent back pain. In this article we will go through some tips and exercises you can do, while being on vacations and without access to your chiropractor, to help with posture correction. Reducing the risk of chronic back pain.

Our current lifestyle makes it difficult to keep a good posture at all times. Stress, prolonged sitting, using the smartphone, lifting heavy grocery bags and, while on vacations, a lack of exercise: are factors that influence poor posture.

Upper cross syndrome is common in people who spend most of their day sitting down. Some signs and symptoms of upper cross syndrome are forward head posture, hunched upper back  (below image), headache, rounding of the shoulders, shoulder pain, back pain and neck pain.

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There are certain exercises and stretches to help improve your posture as well as muscular coordination.

Our London Chiropractor, Dr. Anika, has told us some stretches and exercises to do whilst being on vacations. These exercises are also recommended by some of the best chiropractors in London, and will certainly help with posture correction.


Standing Scapular Strengthening is a great way to help with posture correction


Stand up, with a good posture, start by placing the arms just out from your side, palms facing forward. Squeeze your shoulder blades together while drawing your arms back. Expand your rib cage and chest. At this point, you should feel a tightening of the muscles at the bottom of your shoulder blades. This routine aims to strengthen the lower trapezius muscle and rhomboid muscles, therefore helping your posture.


Levator Scapulae Stretch


Stick your neck out, and then side-bend your neck placing your left ear near the left shoulder. You can hold on to a chair to if you want the stretch to be stronger. You will feel a stretch at the back and side of the neck.


Bilateral Mid Pec Stretch


Put your palms flat on the wall, and your arms at 90 degrees, then face towards a corner. Push your body into the corner while you try to keep your hands in the same position. Doing this will stretch your upper arms, chest and front shoulders.


Wall Angel


Stand a few inches away from the wall. Place your arms at shoulder level, with your elbows bent. Slide your elbows up the wall as far as you can, don´t force it to much, just to the point that it still feels comfortable. Return to the starting position. This exercise helps to improve your shoulder mobility, as well as your posture.


Bruegger’s Posture Sitting to improve your posture correction


Find a chair and sit on it’s edge chair, open your legs and relax them outwards. Maintain your body and spine tall, lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling, and arch your lower back a bit. Turn your arms outwards so that your palms face forwards, draw your shoulder blades down and towards the midline. At the same time, do a gentle double chin with your head. It is important that you breathe deeply throughout the whole exercise. You, most certainly, will feel a stretch across chest and front, as well as with the muscles working in your back, all contributing to improve posture.


Neck Retraction


Sit upright with good posture. Pull your head back and down gently, and as far as it is still comfortable. You will then feel a gentle tension at the front and back of the neck. This exercise helps strengthen the neck and upper back.

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