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The importance of poor posture correction when working from home

For many people, working from home is now the new normal. While there are many benefits to this new way of working, you may be noticing some impacts on your body now that you are working out of a home office every day. More and more people have been experiencing back pain as a result of uncomfortable office chairs or being forced to work from places like the couch or bed, rather than a proper ergonomic setup. In this blog post, one of the best Chiropractors in London, goes through some ways that you might find back pain creeping into your everyday life and how you can fix your poor posture. We will start by explaining by why poor posture correction is critical.


Why is poor posture correction so important?


Poor posture can lead to lower back pain, upper back pain, neck stiffness, and even headaches. It takes a great amount of effort from your muscles to maintain proper posture when you’re seated for long periods at work or at home. If these muscles are having trouble supporting the weight of your upper body, then this may result in strain on them, which will eventually result in back or neck pain.


Focus on good posture to avoid back pain


The best way to avoid back pain and neck stiffness while working from home is by focusing on poor posture correction. Whether you’re sitting or standing, having the right posture will make all the difference in how your body feels at the end of a long day. For example, sitting for too long can lead to lower back pain because pressure is put on the back of your spine when seated with improper upper body alignment. Similarly, standing for too long can lead to pain. This is because the body’s natural tendency is to lean towards the surface your work equipment sits on, which can result in a forward head posture.


How to prevent back pain whilst working from home


Before you search for a “chiropractor near me,” you may want to take some steps at home to ensure you are preventing spinal issues. Here are some tips:


  • Make sure that your screen is at a height that puts it at eye level. This will help to maintain the right posture, and prevents you from bending your neck forward, which places tension on the neck and back. You may want to use a separate monitor or a wireless mouse and keyboard to achieve this.
  • Get up and stretch at least every 30-40 mins. Sitting in one place for too long can be harmful, so even pacing around the room can help. You can set alarms to remind you time has passed.
  • Stand as much as you can, for example during phone calls.
  • Keep your hips and knees at a right angle. This may require a footrest or stool. You can experiment with different chairs and positions to achieve this.


How a chiropractor can help with poor posture correction


If the tips above don’t do enough to help with your back pain, it might be time to find a chiropractor. Chiropractic care will help with poor posture correction, relieving pain, forward head posture fix and more. A chiropractor will also be able to suggest tips to improve posture and recommend exercises for strength.


Chiropractors use manual adjustments to help heal the spine and neck. In these adjustments, the vertebrae are moved back into their proper position using manual movement. This removes the pressure of compressed vertebrae or pinched nerves that may be causing your symptoms.


Chiropractic care is a natural option to help with these problems. Rather than relying on medication, the goal of visiting a chiropractor is to cure the root cause of your symptoms. Thus returning your body to the state of alignment it was in prior to the damage caused by poor posture.


Are you searching for a “Chiropractor Near Me” or a Chiropractor in Covent Garden?


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