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Tips from our London Chiropractor: Exercises during summer vacations

Summer is one big holiday full of excitement and fun activities unique to the season. You may think your joints will stop you from joining in on the fun, but that’s simply not the case. Just because you have joint pain, it doesn’t mean you have to sit out all the fun activities during these warmer months. In fact, a healthy amount of activity is actually good for your joints.
Today our London chiropractor will share some tips on approved activities for you to enjoy all summer long.


Exercises during summer vacations


The best thing you can do before anything is stretch. Start with a series of stretches to warm up your body. This will reduce the chances of injury to your muscles and joints.



Swimming is a great way to exercise because it is so low impact. Not only is it a fun activity that cools you down during the intense summer heat, but it also helps mitigate back pain and strengthens your muscles.


Aquatic Exercise

For those looking for fun and refreshing exercises, water training exercises are perfect for increasing your strength and reducing the impact on your body.


Pool Sports

Playing pool sports like pool volleyball can help you stay active and strengthen your muscles without the impact to your joints.



Yoga has been around for thousands of years, involving a series of poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to help you empty your mind and relax your body in order to achieve higher awareness of your body’s health.


Walking Tours

If you travel this summer, go on a casual walking tour, or do it at your local museums. Walking is a great low-impact exercise that can be done at your own pace. Cardiovascular exercises such as walking also facilitate the production of endorphins and boost your heart’s health.


Bike Riding

Get off the peloton and go explore your city or town on your bicycle. Riding your bicycle is a great low impact, chiropractic approved exercise. Just keep good posture, stay hydrated, and take breaks as needed.



One of the top summer activities: relaxing in a hammock. Sit back with a cold glass of your favourite drink and raise your legs in your hammock, helping your blood circulation. The flexibility of the hammock allows your body to relax your back and joints, helping you fight inflammation and alleviate joint pain.


Body Weight Strength Training

Strength training helps you build muscles that will protect and give support to your joints. You don’t need heavy weights to get results. When suffering from joint pain, body weight exercises are perfect to help you build muscle at low impact. Talk to your doctor about starting an exercise regimen tailored to your needs.


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