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Tips from our London Chiropractor: How to know if your spine is out of alignment

When your spine is aligned, your body maintains a relatively straight line from your head down to your shoulders, back, as well as your hips, knees, and feet. Having proper alignment goes beyond maintaining a good posture. It can also help prevent long-term pain. Misalignment may impair your range of motion, and can affect your quality of life. There may be signs that your spine is misaligned, along with pain around several joints in the body. Continue to read tips from our London chiropractor on how to know if your spine is misaligned.


Symptoms of spine misalignment according to our London Chiropractor


Your spine is a column of bones a.k.a vertebrae that extend from the bottom of your skull to your pelvis. It provides stability and support for your upper body. However,  your spine does more than just stabilise your back. Any sort of misalignment can also affect other parts the body.

Possible signs that your spine is out of alignment from our London Chiropractor:

  • chronic headaches
  • lower back pain
  • neck pain
  • knee pain
  • hip pain
  • excessive fatigue
  • numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
  • one shoe that wears out before the other, due to walking abnormalities


Risk factors of spine misalignment according to our London Chiropractor


Spine misalignment can eventually cause more serious issues that extend beyond mild pain and discomfort. If your spine isn’t aligned properly, you may be at increased risk of:

  • chronic pain
  • joint stiffness
  • slouched posture
  • reduced range of motion
  • decreased mobility
  • discomfort when sitting, standing, and laying down
  • permanent joint and bone deformities
  • broken bones, especially in the spine
  • respiratory issues
  • sciatica


Just as spine misalignment happens over time, correcting it requires a long-term effort. You can start by being more aware of your spine alignment and making sure you stretch your body and get regular exercise. More severe cases of spinal issues may require medical care or surgery.


Exercises and stretches


If you spend a lot of time sitting, this may exacerbate your back pain and lead to poor posture. It can also affect the alignment of your spine over time. You can help reverse such effects with exercise and stretching.

Walk and stretch


One way to combat the negative effects of sitting is by taking walking breaks throughout the day. This helps to ease the pressure off your sit bones and low back. You can take brisk walks throughout the day, fitting them in before work, during your lunch break, and after dinner.


Visit your London Chiropractor  


One of the most common chiropractic treatments is called a spinal adjustment, or spinal manipulation. The chiropractor will have you lie down, and then they will physically adjust your joints and tissues to reduce pain and inflammation. They may also use a hand-held device called an activator.

You may notice improvements in your spine alignment after undergoing chiropractic adjustments in regular intervals over a long period of time. Your overall mobility may also improve. In addition to spinal manipulation, a chiropractor may teach you mobility exercises, such as planks, to help strengthen your core muscles. They may also offer nutritional counseling and other healthy lifestyle advice.

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