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How can a chiropractor in London help with your posture correction? Part 2

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of posture correction and some of the health benefits it brings. These included less lower back pain, improved digestion, better quality of sleep and many more. In Part 2 we are going to cover the ways a chiropractor in London can help you have better posture.


Fixing bad posture on your own isn’t easy. Just reminding yourself to stand up straighter won’t help when there are root issues behind your poor posture. Whether the cause is injury, stress, or anything in between, it takes a professional to help you get there!


Here are some ways a chiropractor can help you learn how to fix bad posture.


By asking questions a chiropractor can help with your posture correction

Before the chiropractor begins to examine your back, they will ask you a few questions to assess your posture and lifestyle. This is an important step. It allows the chiropractor to determine whether you have poor posture, what effects it might be having, and how they can begin to fix it. They’ll likely ask you questions about your day to day lifestyle, exercise habits, what you do at work, and where you’ve been feeling pain or discomfort.


Examining posture

Next, the chiropractor will take a more hands-on look at your posture. While the initial assessment can help them identify the root cause of your posture problems, this examination will help them figure out what exactly is wrong. They’ll take a look at how you stand from behind and from the sides. Taking note of things like uneven shoulders, arched back, twisted pelvis, or other symmetry issues.


Chiropractic adjustment

When you think of a back adjustment, the first thing that comes to mind might be the loud cracking noise. But chiropractic adjustments aren’t anything to be scared of. They tend to be very gentle and cause minimal discomfort. Our London chiropractor will start by making adjustments to your shoulders, including slow joint movements to get you into the best position for good posture. These joint movements will help increase movement in the joint, reduce tension in the surrounding muscles, and will ease you into good posture with any pain. Hence, helping with your posture correction.


Working on soft tissue

Chiropractors typically work mainly with bones like the spine. However, working with muscles is just as important to maintain good posture. When some muscles become weak, underused, or injured, other muscles will tighten up or become tense because of it. In turn, this pulls your spine or your shoulders into an unhealthy position. A chiropractor will use muscle releases and strengthening exercises to correct this imbalance in your soft tissue. Through careful exercise and rehabilitation, it will feel more comfortable to stand or sit with good posture.


Stretching and rehabilitation can help with your posture correction

Increasing strength in your weak muscles will only work if you reduce tension in the muscles that are causing poor posture. With deliberate exercises, stretches, and muscle relaxation, your chiropractor will work with you to make sure your overactive muscles get a break. Not only will this ease some of the tension that causes bad posture, but it allows your weaker muscles to grow stronger, fixing your posture for good.

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