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How can a chiropractor in London help with your posture correction? Part 1

People are often reminded about the significance of  posture correction. But why is it so important? Practicing proper posture is essential in maintaining overall good health and wellbeing of the body. Generally, those with good posture sleep better, feel better, and have fewer aches and pains in the joints, back and neck. Proper posture also helps aid better digestion and improves organ function. 


It can be hard to fix poor posture, especially when you’re not thinking about it all the time. That’s where a chiropractor comes in. A chiropractor can help you with fixing bad posture by finding the underlying cause of your problems. By correcting the root cause of your poor posture, you can start sitting and standing up straight without having to constantly remind yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of better posture and how a chiropractor can help with your posture correction.


Why is good posture important?


Good posture can have an immediate effect on your aesthetic appearance. Through posture correction, you will look taller, healthier, and much more confident. However, there are also a lot of less visible benefits that you should know. Here are a few:


  • Proper alignment of the bones and joints
  • Reduced stress on ligaments
  • Less risk of lower back pain or injury
  • Reduced wear on the muscles and joints
  • Better mood
  • Improved digestion


How do you know if your posture is bad? Typically, people with poor posture have hunched over shoulders, a rounded upper back, and an arched lower back. See below.


posture correction london chiropractor


There are many reasons you might have poor posture. These include stress, weight gain, pregnancy, weak postural muscles, tight muscles, previous injuries, low confidence or a history of carrying heavy backpacks or handbags.


Whatever the case, poor posture can lead to lower back pain, headaches, an increased risk of injury, and more. It can even cause you to age faster.


The great news is that in most cases, posture can be fixed. Treatment from a chiropractor can help you regain a healthy posture. Whether you’ve been experiencing back pain, shoulder pain or you just want to fix your poor posture for a better life, a chiropractor can help with your posture correction.


This part 1 of a 2 part post. Stay tuned for part 2, coming over the next few days, where we cover how a chiropractor in London can help correct your posture!


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