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What is the difference between a Spine Clinic and Chiropractic clinic? Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post we discussed the similarities between a Spine clinic and Chiropractic clinic. In part 2 we will cover the differences between the two. This will help you make a better decision when choosing which is the right clinic for your condition. 



Differences between a spine clinic & chiropractic clinic

Treatment approach and philosophy


A chiropractor and spine doctor have the same treatment goal of relieving your pain. However, the treatment approach is very different. A spinal clinic will offer treatments based on traditional medicine. Whilst chiropractic care is considered alternative medicine.

Chiropractic treatment is natural and non-invasive. The chiropractic philosophy is holistic, in that that all bodily functions are connected and healing involves the whole body. Chiropractors focus on detecting misalignments in the spine that may be causing pain, discomfort or nerve damage. They use their hands to help relieve problems with the bones, muscles and joints. Chiropractors use safe, gentle and specific joint adjustment techniques to re-align the spine. Restoring proper spinal enables the body to begin healing itself. This results in reduced pain, improve function and increase mobility. Apart from manipulation, chiropractors use a variety of techniques. This includes soft tissue techniques, acupuncture as well as advice on posture, lifestyle and exercises.

Chiropractors are best known for treating lower back pain and neck pain, However, they also treat a range of other musculoskeletal condition. Some of these include shoulder pain, knee pain, migraines, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow and more.

When visiting a spinal clinic, you can expect a more traditional approach to your pain. Spine doctors utilize medication for pain management. In more serious cases they are able to offer surgical options for those whose injuries, illnesses, or chronic pain do not respond well to less invasive options.

In simple, chiropractors rely on non-surgical, non-invasive tools to treat patients. While spine doctors prescribe medications and use surgical techniques to heal help with pain. It is important to keep this in mind when making the decision on the type of treatment your condition while need. Both are extremely helpful in addressing musculoskeletal issues, but in different ways.


So what is the best option for you, a Spine Clinic or a Chiropractic Clinic?


This depends very much on your pain and personal philosophy when it comes to treating your own medical issues. Chiropractic treatment is great for certain injuries and pain, but there are some conditions that are beyond the scope of chiropractic care and won’t respond to non-invasive conservative care alone. Those will benefit from seeing a spine doctor, somebody that can prescribe medication and provide surgical options. Other chronic pain conditions will need regular maintenance care which chiropractic treatment is perfect for.


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