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Working at the office in Covent Garden? Find your nearest chiropractor in London

Are you suffering from back pain whilst sitting at your desk? Whether it’s a throbbing lower back or sharp neck pain, back pain can have a serious impact on day to day lift. Many of the people who visit our London chiropractor experience back pain that is caused by working in the office. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can employ that will reduce the risk of work-related back pain from occurring, whilst you search for your nearest chiropractor in London.

Pay attention to your posture


Poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain. Especially amongst workers who are forced to sit or stand for long periods. Our London Chiropractor always recommends to make an effort to improve your posture. You can do this by being mindful of how you are positioning your body.


Dr. Anika, our London Chiropractor, also recommends that if you are standing, you should place your weight equally between your two feet. As well as keeping your shoulders back and don’t slouch.  When sitting, use an ergonomic chair that is correctly adjusted for your body. Alter the height of the chair so your feet are flat on the floor and avoid slouching.  If you are using an object while seated, ensure your forearms are nearly parallel to the ground and that your elbows are supported.


Make sure that your screen is at a height that puts it at eye level. This will help to maintain the right posture, and prevents you from bending your neck forward, which places tension on the neck and back. You may want to use a separate monitor or a wireless mouse and keyboard to achieve this.


Get up and stretch at least every 30-40 mins. Sitting in one place for too long can be harmful, so even pacing around the room can help. You can set alarms to remind you time has passed.

Pay attention to how your body feels


Pay attention to any stiffness or numbness that occurs throughout the day.  If you find that sitting for prolonged periods gives you a sore upper back, that is a warning sign that you need a more ergonomic chair, that the chair needs to be adjusted to a better position  or that you need to move about more.  If your feet are numb after standing for a few hours, you might need a stool or a padded floor mat. Your body will always tell you when an activity is causing excessive strain. Of course you can always pay us a visit. Or, you can give us a call for a free phone call consultation with our chiropractor in London.


Find your nearest chiropractor and get treated


Chiropractic adjustments and chiropractic treatment will ensure that your musculoskeletal system is healthy and correctly aligned. A consultation and examination with a good chiropractor can greatly reduce the risk of work-related back.


Are you searching for a “Chiropractor Near Me” or a Chiropractor in Covent Garden?


If you are working in Covent garden and suffering from back pain from sitting at your desk all day, our London chiropractor is your nearest chiropractor, and is here to help you. Feel free to call us 07376 243726 to get a free phone consultation with our chiropractor in Central London.


If you prefer, book an appointment online, with the best chiropractor in London, now. You can locate our Chiropractic clinic in Covent Garden, in central London.


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