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Differences between deep tissue massage, sports massage and a relaxation massage (Part 2)

This is the  final part of this blog posts on differences between deep tissue massage, sports massage and a relaxation massage. (find the first part here). If you’re unsure which massage is best for you, this blog will help you figure it out.


The key differences between deep tissue and sports massage


 Although all techniques are very similar. There are some differences. The key difference is that sports massage therapy is for athletic individuals. Many people can benefit from deep tissue massage for a range of muscular issues. Sports massage is specifically for healing or preventing a sports-related injury. A relaxation massage is great if you need to calm your senses after a stressful week. They are for momentary relief as they are more about soothing aches and pains and not about treating underlying issues. The pressure is also much lighter.

Sports massage therapists are trained in treating athletic injuries , such as hamstring strain. Deep tissue massage therapists can identify and treat areas of muscle weakness, but they usually aren’t treating sport-specific injuries. For a light, soothing massage that’s gentle enough to put you to sleep on the table? Relaxation massage can do that for you.


When to use deep tissue massage

Generally, deep tissue massage is for relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, working knots, reducing muscle stiffness, and increasing circulation. Deep tissue massage is often administered as a full body massage, rather than focusing on a specific area of the body.


When to use sports massage

Sports massage, on the other hand, is a targeted massage approach. It focuses on specific areas of the body that are in need of healing or relief. Sports massage is better suited to an athlete or someone who engages in regular physical activity. Those who participate in any sport that requires repetitive movements may find that sports massage can help to relieve pain in muscles and joints as well as reduce swelling or jarring.


Still unsure?

Both deep tissue and sports massage use similar strokes, including kneading, circular movements, and tapping to relieve muscular pain and tension. A person may have more reason to seek out sports massage if they experience overuse injuries from physical activity. On the other hand, a person undergoing deep tissue massage may be looking for a more general relief from muscular pain and mental stress.

However, if you’re looking to improve your sleep, soothe your mind and body or boost your mood, then you might want to opt for a relaxation massage.


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