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How to look for the right massage therapy in London (Part 2)

This is the  final part of this blog posts on how to find the right massage therapy in London  (find the first part here). Keep on reading to find out more tips to help you find the best massage therapist for you!


Ask for recommendations

If you have friends or family that go for regular massages (sports massage, deep tissue massage, or any other) as who they see and why they like it. Another great source for referrals in your primary healthcare provider e.g. general practitioner or chiropractor. They may have a list of massage therapists that have specialized training and experience in techniques that are effective in treating your condition or complaint.


Do some research

Do some research on the clinic or massage therapist that you are considering? You could call the therapist and ask to speak to them about any of your concerns (don´t hesitate to call our Chiropractor in central London 07376 243726). Ask about their areas of expertise, years of practice, and the types of clients they typically work with.  Also, read reviews online and see what others thought of the location, atmosphere, and abilities of the massage therapist. Taking these simple steps will help you find a reputable and experienced massage therapist.


Check the experience and education of the therapist before doing a massage therapy in London

Look for therapists with the right credentials. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but it improves the odds. You should look for a massage therapist who has at least 500 hours of training from a reputable, accredited school. Check which qualifications the therapist has. How long did they train for and who are the awarding bodies of their qualification? Also, how many years have they been practising? As with most things in life experience helps!


Consider Location when looking for a massage therapy in London

It’s important to look locally for your massage therapy in London. Hopefully, you’ll love your session and plan to incorporate routine massages into your schedule, so distance is going to matter. How far are you willing to travel and how often?


Check availability

Find out more on the clinic or therapists availability. What are option are offered for the length of a sessions? How far in advance do you generally need to make an appointment? Are they available on weekends? Do they offer outside of regular 9-5 business hours? If you are going to book in regular appointment, it’s a good idea to let the therapist know. This way you can secure a better spot.


Communication is key

It is important for you and your massage therapist to have proper communication to ensure that you will have the best massage experience possible. Your therapist must be able to listen carefully to any concerns that you might raise before, during, and after your massage session and respond. Did your therapist offer to book your next session same day or do you need to book online when you are ready to return for a massage therapy in London? Regardless of the number of certifications, hours of experience, and skill your therapist has, your massage experience will not be as fulfilling if you and your therapist do not communicate well with each other.


Try out a test session

The best way to figure out if a massage therapist is right for you is to book an appointment and give them a try. Consider booking a 30-minute session to try out their techniques. If you decide you like the therapist, you can be comfortable booking longer sessions.


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