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Why you should not perform back cracking to yourself

Many people unknowingly back-crack or self-manipulate. If you sit in front of your laptop all day, it’s likely you have done back cracking to yourself. Sometimes you don’t even think about manipulating joints, but it’s just a natural reaction to stiffness. You may feel some relief right after, but self-manipulation is not a long-term solution to neck pain, back pain, or lower back pain.


Risks of self back cracking


Twisting and stretching is, definitely, the most common method that people use self relief  back pain and stiffness.

Self back cracking comes at a risk, as you could cause yourself more pain.  If you manipulate your joints in the wrong way, it could lead to future discomfort and pain. The spine is tough, but the structures that support it can be delicate, more so if there is already something out of place.

Be careful when you pop your joints, try to avoid doing it yourself or even having someone, who is not a licenced chiropractor to do it. It´s too risky, as one wrong stretch or twist could even incapacitate you, leading to even more damage.

In some worst cases, you may cause the discs in your back to herniate or slip, becoming lifelong issues.


You might damage your spine


There are risks associated with popping your own joints, even more if you do it regularly. The spine and the neck have many delicate structures. These structures can be damaged if you perform back cracking to yourself while not having a proper training in anatomy and chiropractic adjustments.


It´s best to search for a “Chiropractor Near Me” when you start to feel back pain, or back stiffness rather than performing self back cracking


If you’re experiencing lower back pain, then visit a chiropractor.  Remember that perhaps cracking your own back can feel good at the time, however once you get to know how a healthy back really  feels, you will not want to perform back cracking on yourself again.

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