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Risks of not visiting the right back cracking physician in London

Chiropractors are qualified to perform spinal adjustments, also known as “back cracking” to many. If you are thinking of having you “back cracked”, then make sure you do your research and visit a qualified physician, like a chiropractor.


What is back cracking?

The crack or pop is also known as a cavitation. This happens during a spinal adjustment. The sound is a result of pressure suddenly decreasing, which releases has into the joint space. However, the “crack” or “pop” is not the goal. The sound doesn’t actually provide pain relief. The pain relief comes from the improvement in  joint function. The back cracking your chiropractor in London performs, re-aligns joints and increases joint movement. This lets you muscles relax and reduced pain or discomfort.

If the wrong person is performing this movement  (This can be an unqualified person, or even yourself), I can be very unspecific. Meaning, these movement are likely to create a “crack” from a joint that is already moving freely. This is why you won’t get long term relief from self-adjustments or “back cracking” from just anyone.  For example, if you suffer from back pain, visiting a chiropractor to get a back pain treatment in London, or anywhere else, would be the right idea in order to obtain a longer-lasting relief.


Risks of not visiting the right back cracking physician in London

You may damage your spine. There are many delicate structures in the spine, especially the neck. These structures can be easily damaged if you don’t have proper training in anatomy and manual adjustments. It may also increase hypermobility. Hypermobility is when you can easily move certain joints beyond the normal end range of motion. Although being flexible is generally a positive thing, stretching your joints too far might lead to instability, pain and injury. If you have hypermobility, you can’t stabilize as well. As a result, you are depending on your muscles and tendons to do more work to stabilize, which could lead to repetitive injuries.


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